Wardrobe probing | Wardrobe probing
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Wardrobe probing

Without exaggeration, we can say that no less popular, but more among the youth, is a shortened leather jacket with a folding collar or a collar-stand. These jackets are more often zipped and have a large number of additional elements – contrast stitching, rivets, straps, pockets. Putting on such a jacket, do not puzzle over the extra accessories – the jacket itself is already decorated enough!



The classic severity of the model from a monophonic costume fabric refreshes the leather sleeves in tone. A freighter in style will be a jacket from a suit fabric in a cage, supplemented with monophonic leather sleeves in the tone of one of the colors of the cage. Often the combination of leather extends to the finish of pockets and collar, which gives the image a special charm.
Design Identity

Extended models of a jacket are a special charm and style. These jackets sometimes replace the raincoat and look unusual and elegant.

Elongated Jackets

Women are not tall, it is better to choose an elongated jacket to the hips, and high women can safely buy an elongated model, even to the knees.

Indispensable model

An indispensable model of your wardrobe is undoubtedly an elongated jacket with a belt. The model with a belt in the tone of a jacket looks winning and laconically.


When choosing a leather jacket, it is best to give preference to neutral colors – black, brown in various shades, cream. These colors are in perfect harmony with any clothing and will be a perfect addition to your image.